Cat garden

Transform your garden into a paradise for your furry friend with these top ideas for creating a cat-friendly space. Discover plants, structures, and features that will keep your cat entertained and happy in your garden.
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It's important to enrich our indoor kitty's environment by helping them express natural behaviors they would have in the wild. Cats are obligate carnivores and require meat to survive, but they do enjoy many cat-safe plants! Sweet smells, new textures, and natural remedies: adding a few cat safe indoor plants can trans

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Learn how to plant a kitty cat-friendly garden at home this spring. Gather the list of plants that you should avoid and those that you want to include for your feline enjoyment.

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Richmond Animal Protection Society in British Columbia, Canada has a beautiful cat sanctuary that homes hundreds of cats rescued on city streets, in alleys and industrial areas. The organization was founded by a group of cat lovers back in 1989. They trapped cats, spaying and neutering them, and p...

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