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Jemima/Sillabub is a supporting character in Cats:The Musical. I LOVE this play!! Cosplay, Fictional Characters, Musicals, Costumes, Cats Musical, Cat Costumes, Musical Theatre, Broadway Musicals, Musical Plays

Jemima is a supporting character in Cats. The youngest kitten, her innocence and compassion plays an important role in Grizabella's search for acceptance. Jemima originated in the London production, but the same role was renamed Sillabub on Broadway so as to avoid any negative racial connotations. "Sillabub" has since become the preferred name for the character outside of Europe. In these productions, the name "Jemima" may instead be given to a female ensemble dancer, if used at all. Jemima…

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Munkustrap is a principal character in Cats. He is the leader of the tribe in the absence of Old Deuteronomy. In the musical, he fulfills the narrator role, breaking the fourth wall to explain the plot to the audience and introducing a few of the featured characters. Munkustrap is a leader and protector to the Jellicle cats. He is responsible and brave, with a commanding presence, but is also genial and friendly when not alarmed by a perceived threat. He loves and enjoys the company of his…