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Discover inspiring ideas to encourage and reinforce positive behavior with our collection of 'Caught Being Good' activities. Start rewarding and recognizing the good in others today!
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I am a big believer in positive reinforcement for good behavior. And while students may or may not make good choices for their regular teacher, many almost always try to test the boundaries with a substitute teacher. That's why I especially like to recognize good behavior when a sub is in the room. This freebie is a two-part behavior note. One part goes home with the student to let parents know about a great day. And the other part stays in the classroom to let the regular classroom teacher…

Rachel Friedrich
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Ive linked up with the TBA Blog hopping day - probably a little late, but I hope you enjoy my freebie Lunch box notes are something that I think are just gorgeous. But until this year, I had never seen one before! Let me explain... One of the girls in my class came to me one lunch time and said "Mrs Beynon (me) can you please read me this note?" Her mum had written her a sweet note and put it in with her lunch. It said things like learn something new today, try your best and we love you…

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I have been loving learning about all the ideas other teacher's have tried in their classrooms (as I hope you have as well!), so I am linking up again this week with Fourth Grade Flipper for Tried It Tuesday. This year we have a new Vice Principal and she has been FABULOUS! I may be a slightly bit bias since I worked with her at another school a few years ago, and she did write one of my letter of recommendations for my current position, but really having her at our school this year has been…

Brenda Smith