Causes of dry skin

Discover the common causes of dry skin and learn effective ways to treat and prevent it. Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin by following these simple skincare tips.
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Your skin’s dropping hints in the form of dry patches, and I am on a mission to crack the vitamin code. No, it’s not just about drowning your face in moisturizer. I am talking about giving your skin some serious love from the inside. Grab a seat with coffee, and join me to know what vitamin deficiency causes dry skin on #face. #facecare

Aliza Rehman
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Tip from your esthetician✨ How to tell the difference between dry vs. dehydrated skin. Dry skin is a skin type, while dehydration is a skin condition. In case you didn’t know, dry skin is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT from dehydrated skin. 👉🏼 if you have a mix of oily skin and dry skin and notice accentuate fines lines, tight and dull skin, and breakouts, you’re most likely to have dehydrated skin! 🔎 Knowing the difference between the two skin conditions is the key to identifying an EFFECTIVE…