Chair workout

Discover chair workout routines that can be done anywhere. Stay fit and active with these easy exercises using just a chair. Start your workout today!
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5 Quick Chair Workouts for Seniors to Tone Muscles and Improve Flexibility

Age should never be a barrier to physical activity. In fact, as you age, strength training is needed more than ever! So, we developed this simple chair exercises for seniors. One of the biggest struggles

Christy DeCouto
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Chair Exercises For Seniors - 20 Free PDF Printables | Printablee

Chair exercise for seniors, or seated exercises, offer a safe and accessible way for older adults to stay physically fit. These low-impact workouts can improve strength, balance, and cardiovascular health, thus enhancing the quality of life and functional abilities of the elderly..

Alison Ingham
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Chair Program - Chair Cardio

Welcome to our Chair Cardio workout! What if we told you it was okay to do jumping jacks, flutter kicks, jumproping and knee skips all while seated in a chair? Well we are here to tell you you CAN! If you really want a good workout but maybe have some limited mobility or some type…

Margaret Balfanz