Chicken barn

Discover unique and creative ideas to build your own chicken barn. Create a comfortable and functional space for your feathered friends with these top suggestions.
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I am in the process of planning my homestead. It is still going to be a few years until I can break ground, but I want to get as much of it planned as possible. I intend to have a herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats for making soap, cheese, and yogurt. Eight seems like a good number. I also want to keep chickens for eggs, probably nine. Because my wife is opposed to raising livestock for meat, we will not be butchering any of our livestock. We will be purchasing all of meat from the grocer. Our…

Brittany Jennings
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This customer from Janesville, WI has WOWED us with this shed transformation using our LOFTED BARN with an added WORKBENCH as a chicken coop for their farm. The customer installed a variety of customizations, including electrical wiring, an enclosed interior and exterior feeding cage and a chicken-door with a treated wood ramp. What a great way to keep the chickens safe from predators, warm during the winter and shaded during the blazing summer months.

Erica Mooney
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