Chicken vindaloo recipe

Learn how to make a delicious and authentic chicken vindaloo at home. This recipe will take your taste buds on a flavorful journey with its perfect blend of spices and tender chicken. Try it now and satisfy your craving for Indian cuisine.
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Vindaloo is a Portuguese-influenced Goan dish made by cooking meat with spices and vinegar. Learn to make Authentic Goan Chicken Vindaloo Curry in a traditional way using my easy recipe.

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Time to put the Toilet Paper in the fridge! Today I show you my beloved, expert approved recipe for Pork Vindaloo. The fiery, sweet and sour dish marked with all the little chilies in your Indian

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Too often, restaurant Vindaloo is reduced to simply the “hottest” dish on the menu. But this iconic dish is full of bold, balanced, and complex flavors from freshly ground spices, fragrant aromatics, and the essential tang of vinegar. Kashmiri red chilies lend just the right amount of heat and that classic fiery red color without overtaking the beautiful flavors beneath.

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There are lots of fables surrounding the Goan Chicken Vindaloo. This curry has emerged from melting pot of Portuguese, Goan and British influences. In fact, the name "Vindaloo" is actually a garbled version of the Portuguese dish called carne de vinha d'alhos which translates to "meat in garlic wine marinade". In around 1800's, this dish was Indianised by using palm vinegar instead of wine and was traditionally made with pork or beef. The further evolution of this dish happened when British…

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