Childhood memories 80s

Take a trip down memory lane and relive your favorite childhood memories from the 80s. Discover nostalgic ideas that will bring back the magic and joy of your youth.
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Let me just tell you that the oldest millennials have turned 42 this year. And while we’re well aware of the fact we’re no kids, we don’t feel that ancient either. Dad jokes and cargo pants seem to be a boomer thing, but what if we’re not that far from them?

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I came across this article today and it was fun reminiscing about the strange fads of our childhood. Below are some of my favorites from the article (and I had one of everyone of these things). Remember mood rings? What could be more stylish than stick on earrings? Maybe Banana Clips Or Scrunchies Oh, it has to be the charm necklaces. I had one with a baby bottle on it. And what was more comfortable than hard, sweaty jelly shoes? No outfit was complete without a small backpack.

Erin Martin