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Learn more about the talented actor Choi Jin Hyuk with these fascinating facts. Discover his journey in the entertainment industry and get to know the man behind the characters he portrays.
Choi Jin Hyuk Offered Male Lead Role in MBC Medical Drama Hospital Ship Opposite Ha Ji Won | A Koala's Playground Actors & Actresses, Ha Ji Won, J.i., Choi Jin Hyuk, Actors, Drama, Upcoming Series, Gu Family Book, Emergency Couple

The medical and legal genre K-dramas have been a prime time ratings boon for SBS this past year and I’m not surprised MBC is scheduling a doctor drama coming up soon. The network is following up sageuk Ruler: Master of … Continue reading →

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Choi Jin Hyuk has once again taken on the role of detective Koo Dong Chi in a shoot for Arena Homme+. In a shoot for the men’s magazine, the actor expertly reprises his role on “Pride and Prejudice,” displaying the same charisma that he did during his time on the show. As such, the photos

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