Christmas trimmings

Get inspired by these creative and festive Christmas trimmings to add a touch of holiday magic to your home. Explore unique ideas to make your decorations truly special.
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Here we are at the first 25th of the year! I know Christmas seems like yesterday, but we know that we all should be starting on making those special hand-made cards to send to friends and family! Here is a bit of inspiration for you from Karen. Trimming the Tree by Karen Letchworth There's always "that one die" with every know "that one" I'm talking about.....that very special one that catches your eye immediately, and you can't stop thinking about it. Yes, now you're getting…

Louisette Boucher
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If you want to go for a Christmas tree which will remind you of your Childhood then a blue Christmas tree is a way to go. The best part about a blue Christmas tree is that it will share its tranquillity with the rest of the room decoration and more importantly you will have uniqueness...Read More

Andrea Leslie