Chronic sinusitis

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Have you ever wondered why you are experiencing chronic sinus infections? This question has come up more frequently lately, and the connection to the gut is ALWAYS an initial surprise to clients. Let's talk about a case study of client, Betty:BUT FIRST, PIN THIS TO PINTEREST TO REVIEW LATERBetty, 45yo female, presents with environmental allergies with chronic sinusitisBetty was 45 and had dealt with environmental allergies as a child, which became chronic sinus issues throughout her adult…

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Sinus Infections Stink. Ready to Blow them Away? Sinus infections stink…..They just do- if you have ever had a sinus infection then you know as well as I do that they KNOCK you Doooooooown. You can go to bed feeling great and wake up feeling like you never slept… out of nowhere BAM! My sinus... View Post

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This is the time of the year when you are getting those coughs or wet noses and you need to clear sinuses. The sinuses are under attack collecting whatever they can to make you hate winter. If you dig deeper into the problem you have with the sinuses, you’ll find out there are more things