Cinnamon apples healthy

Discover a collection of delicious and healthy cinnamon apples recipes. Try these easy and nutritious dishes to satisfy your cravings and stay fit.
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Healthy Sauteed Apples (No Sugar) - Beauty Bites

These healthy sauteed apples are quick and easy to make with cinnamon, vanilla and without any added sugar. If you’re wondering what to do with the apples lounging in your kitchen, don’t hesitate and make this delicious low-calorie dessert with apples in 5-8 minutes.

Kaitlyn Renison
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Easy Stovetop Sautéed Cinnamon Apples Recipe - Educacionparaelexito

All these Stovetop Sautéed Cinnamon Apples taste like a hot apple pie, but they come together in 5 minutes and are SO much healthier! This recipe produces a perfect for breakfast, and a snack, or dessert and is gluten, dairy and refined sugar-free!

Evette Neils