Circular weaving

Discover the art of circular weaving and explore unique ideas to create beautiful and intricate designs. Get inspired to start your own weaving project and unleash your creativity today.
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Want to get started with circular weaving? In order to create a round weaving you have to start with a good foundation, in this case warping a hoop. Here's how I like to warp my hoops for circular weaving. Get all your supplies together. You’ll need a hoop of some kind (this kind is my favorite), scissors and warp thre

Linda Nelson
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Hey guys! This post is for those of you who want to try weaving on a circle loom, but you are not in the market for yet another loom. I get it, if I could I'd have 100 different looms, but that's not happening anytime soon. So a more affordable option is to use an

Marie Martin