Citrine crystal necklace

Enhance your style with a beautiful citrine crystal necklace that adds a touch of radiance to any outfit. Discover top designs and find your perfect piece to shine bright.
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Raw Ruby Healing Crystal Necklace. Real 18k Gold Plated Cable Chain with Gold Vermeil Raw Ruby Crystal Pendant. Stunning Raw Crystal has been flash plated in 24K Gold. * Ruby is the birthstone for July * Ruby is the gemstone to celebrate 40 years of marriage Necklace length is 17.5 inches with 1inch extension chain-to vary length. Pendant size varies from 12-16mm in height approx (including loop) The necklace is available in Gold and Silver. The pendant is also available in Gold and…


Citrine is known for its unique properties that bring prosperity, abundance, and success. This beautiful crystal promotes self-confidence, motivation, and creativity, making it the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to manifest their dreams and achieve their goals. Introducing our beautiful citrine crystal necklace for women. Crafted with high-quality materials, this stunning piece of crystal jewelry is perfect for anyone who loves a touch of elegance and sophistication in their style…

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A radiant citrine gemstone shines against a backdrop of golden sunlight, symbolizing abundance and joy. Backdrops, Crystals, Citrine Gemstone, Citrine Jewelry, Citrine, Solar Plexus Chakra, Plexus Products, Metaphysical Properties, Stone

Citrine spiritual meaning includes abundance, manifestation, financial success, self confidence, creativity and success. Learn more about the metaphysical properties of citrine and its benefits. Find out how to use this sunny crystal for manifesting prosperity and attracting money, wealth and succes

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Selenite 'Cleansing' Blocks and Charging Plates Selenite is named after the moon goddess Selene. Much like the moon Selene is ever changing and helps you to connect with different cycles in your life and to remove the negative that comes with each. Selenite is one of my favourite cleansing crystals and can actually remove negative energies from certain areas or from other crystals. How to use Selenite to cleanse other crystals: Simply just place your other crystals around it or put it in the…