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Classroom Pets as Classroom Management Tools

Fun, free, and engaging ideas to incorporate a class pet and take-home journal with your students. The perfect classroom management tool!

Brenna Gates
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Best Classroom Pets

Explore Some Advantages And Some Of The Best Types Of Classroom Pets We usually think of classrooms as places where there is no place for elements such as pets, which can become a source of disorder and some chaos due to the care they demand, but their presence in the…

Kim Falk
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The Best Classroom Pet Ever!

Have you thought about having a class pet, but don’t want to add one more thing to take care of in your classroom? Well, I have the perfect solution---a take-home stuffed animal! Kids love it and there is no cage or tank to clean out! Having a traveling class pet was by far the most popular class pet I ever had. Kids couldn’t wait for their week to take home the pet and have it be part of their life for a few days. Of course, I had to include a journal for the kids to write in through the…

Nicole Snead
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Taking Home the Class "Pet"

Here is a fun writing activity that I've implemented in my class this year! We have a class "pet" named, Ozzie. He hangs in our class during the week, and each Friday I choose a student to take him home for the weekend! I simply wrote a list on the board, and I will be going down the list each Friday. I send home the turtle with his tank and a notebook explaining to the parents/guardians where this turtle came from, and what he's all about! There are also pages included for students to write…

Tammy Bilbes