Classroom decor calming

Transform your classroom into a peaceful and inviting space with these calming decor ideas. Enhance the learning environment and promote a sense of tranquility for your students.
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I am obsessed with all things related to decor, and I love to use the latest home decor trends to design decor for the classroom. One of my favorite lines is the Studio McGee line at Target. I just love her show and love everything she comes up with. It's very calming, classic, and cozy, which are all elements I want to bring into the classroom. The Vintage Green Classroom Decor line was inspired by this look, and everything would pair perfectly with her decor line in Target. Let's look at…

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If you’re midway through your summer break, I hope this finds you with a cocktail or mocktail in hand! But if you’re anything like me, you’re probably also starting to dream about what next year will look like. So today I’m sharing five of the best classroom themes you need on your Pinterest board. And don’t worry if it hasn’t crossed your mind yet, I’ve got you covered! Start With a Colour Scheme There are endless options when it comes to choosing a theme - but I see themes a little…

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Have you ever walked into a classroom that was so visually overwhelming it made your head spin? From bright colors to busy patterns, classroom decorations can either enhance or hinder student learning. But did you know that a calming environment can actually have a positive impact on academic performance? Studies have shown that the right classroom decorations can reduce stress, improve focus, and even encourage creativity. SPOILER: I've included a link to a set of FREE calming classroom…

Olivia Anne
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Back to School season will always be one of my favorite times on the calendar! One of the best parts of my MJLL community over on Instagram is seeing first-hand, the amazing boho themed classroom set-ups that teachers all over the world are creating with my modern classroom decor bundles. I try to share as many as I ca

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Creating a calm classroom environment is more important than ever. Since classrooms can be such a busy place, many of our students (and their teachers) long for a serene environment that calms their senses. That's why I thought I'd put together a series of classroom design mood boards filled with ways to create a calming classroom environment. You'll find that the mood boards include muted colors, flexible seating, lighting alternatives, cozy textures, and motivational messages. The idea is…

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