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Discover practical and creative ways to organise your primary school classroom for a productive learning environment. Get inspired to create a well-structured space that promotes student engagement and success.
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Whether you’re a grad teacher, or you’ve been in the gig for years, it’s always a great help to yourself – and your students – to start your school year on the right foot. And especially after the mess that 2020 was, I thought a little reminder, or a mindful prompt, might be just what you need! So, if you’re looking for tips for a successful school set up – you’ve come to the right place! 1. Getting (and staying) organised! It’s something that either floats your boat, or has you rolling your…

Emma Delves
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I might be a little weird, but I seriously LOVE getting my teacher planner ready for the next school year. My teacher planner is my lifeline!! If you want to be successful with your teacher planner, I have some tips and tricks for you! Choose a Planner that Works for You There are hundreds and […]

Catherine Magowan