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Discover the best methods to clean bottles and keep them sparkling like new. Say goodbye to stains and odors with these simple tips and tricks.
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Evian Natural Spring Water to debut first new bottle since 1999! "Danone Waters North America has redesigned its Evian Natural Spring Water bottle for the first time in 14 years, as it attempts to create a 'new connection' with US consumers within premium water. Sleeker and with cleaner lines, the 500ml bottle has a 'lable-less' look with a 'simplified, elegant reduction of the previous logo design.' The bottles simple shape and bevelled mountain ridges evoke the 'simplicity and regality' of…

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7 min read Browsing in the beauty section of your favorite store, you find yourself drawn to a certain brand…it is somehow calling you…it speaks to your philosophy about life…it is beautiful and you must own it! You buy it and leave the store dazed and a little euphoric. What just happened? You were overpowered […]

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Above: Ebb video from Amy JenkinsFrom June 29 through September 28th, Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium will host a provocative exhibition entitled "1% Water", featuring various artists and designers commenting on both the medium and the message. Here's the pitch:1% WATER is an exploration of our relation to water, the ideas...

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