Clematis armandii

Transform your garden with the beauty of Clematis Armandii. Explore top ideas to incorporate this stunning flowering vine and create a vibrant and lush outdoor space.
Clematis armandii / Armand Clematis - 18386 Climbing Roses, Clematis Armandii, Evergreen Vines, Green Facade, Zone 7, House Property, Backyard Porch, Carriage House, Back Garden

Clematis armandii / Armand Clematis

- This is a beautiful, evergreen vine that becomes spectacular when in flower in the spring. It may grow in the warmer parts of zone 7, if protected in winter. Produces clusters of star-shaped flowers. The vine can be quite aggressive in its growth, but relatively easy to keep in bounds with periodic pruning after it blooms in the spring.

Beth Slaymaker