Clone trooper helmet

Explore a wide range of unique and authentic clone trooper helmet designs to add to your Star Wars collection. Find the perfect helmet to showcase your love for the iconic clone troopers.
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I created these helmets for a discord I used to be apart of, It was really great to see people using it. All the concepts were made by the members of the community so they could get a custom helmet made directly for their character. When people made it to a certain rank in the community they would get rewarded with a custom helmet. When the concept was made I took to substance painter at made it to match it. The setup was made so I could make a new helmet within 30 mins, so it's made quite…

3D Printable Clone Trooper Helmet Phase 2 Star Wars by PETER SNYDER Lego Star Wars, Trooper, Helmet, Helmet Design, Clone Trooper, Clone Trooper Helmet, Clone, Star Wars Helmet, Clone Trooper Armor

his a Clone Trooper helmet phase 2. I wanted to put something Star Wars up for this new Star Wars movie. The hole on the bottom to fit your head is way to small with these types of helmets. To fix this, part 7 and part 18 could be use as a piece that can be attached with magnets. This helmet was sized for an adult male. Check the pdf file for dimensions. Units are in millimeter. I would like to thank Aaron for supplying the picture for the printed model…

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