Cloud nursery girl

Create a magical and serene nursery for your little girl with these dreamy cloud-inspired ideas. Transform her room into a whimsical haven that sparks her imagination and brings her joy.
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This nursery was ready for a new cohesive aesthetic, something soft and playful that still felt mature enough for a young child to grow into. So, we chose a bright and crisp palette with pops of soft blues, whites, creams and light wood tones — and now it feels like a breathe of fresh air! As soon as I walked into the room I knew that we needed to accentuate the ten foot slanted wall; this room was just calling for something special! After sourcing multiple wallpaper options, we landed on an…

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Are you ready to design your nursery but don’t know where to start? We understand how complicated it is to get a nursery together because of the various designs and ideas there are. We picked our favorite nursery designs to give you a little extra help on why we picked these nurseries. While everyon

Nersi Lda Cani
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Take your baby’s room up, up, and away with a beautiful cloud theme that’s easy to pull off and effortlessly gender-neutral. While the moon and stars are beautiful (these space nursery ideas are proof!), we love the simple sweetness and blank color canvas of a cloudy nursery. Conjuring a calm spring day, your little boy or girl’s walls and bed will be decked out in these pleasantly puffy motifs that are not only entertaining and fun to look at but just as ready to lull them peacefully to…

Thalia Hartley