Colonial style interior

Transform your home with elegant colonial style interior designs. Discover top ideas to create a timeless and sophisticated look for your living space.
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Southern interior design embodies a unique charm that is both elegant and inviting. Rooted in history and tradition, this design style captures the essence of the region’s warm hospitality while incorporating modern elements to create spaces that are comfortable and visually stunning. From the use of classic architectural elements to the incorporation of rich textures and vibrant colors, Southern interior design creates a sense of warmth and grace that is truly unmistakable.

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At the end of each year, I look forward to going through the blog archives and rounding up all of our projects and milestones. Day to day the progress often feels slow and like we’re falling short of our goals—especially when I start comparing myself to other bloggers (so hard to break that habit!) but […]

nur farihah
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The Interior Design of a stunning 1920 apartment in the former French Concession in a colonial Style. Details & Objects from India, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bali and China. A mix of Luxury & Casual atmosphere. All objects and materials have been sourced by Baptiste Bohu during his trips. A beautiful Ananbo panoramic Wallpaper is displayed in the living room

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Not that you need much convincing to put Bali on your must-travel list, but the tranquil The Island Houses in Seminyak might make you move the Indonesian country straight to the top. Perfect for a romantic getaway or a private group celebration, the...

Brenna Martin
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Do you have a spirit animal? Well mine is a home filled with Black & White & Brown with accents of Green & Gold . Ok so it's not an animal, but if it was, it would totally be my spirit animal :) I still remember one of my favourite Christmas presents ever! I was maybe 8 or 9. After waiting anxiously at th