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Enhance your artwork with captivating comic book art style eyes. Explore top ideas to bring life and expression to your characters using this unique art style.
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Drawing Eyes - Various Expressions by Robert A. Marzullo

Hello Everyone! I hope all is well. I just wanted to share some of my scribbles with you today! This is the way that I practice each area in my artwork. I think by doing these studies, you can attack bigger more advanced drawings with a bit more confidence. I pick a topic and draw a bunch of them to gain perspective on that particular thing. This time it was eyes, next it might be buildings or animals or whatever. It's funny how you go to draw something and you quickly realize it may not be…

Simi Revin Plotkin
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Seemingly Useless

What do you know about Roma? Not Rome, Italy…but the Romani people? Usually this is the bit where I hear lots of crickets chirping. Ok… What is it that you know about ‘gypsies’? Fortune tellers? Thieves and vagrants? Belly dancers and covered wagons? Spoilers! The groups are one in the same with one tiny detail. The term gypsy is an inappropriately placed, now even derogatory nickname for these nomadic people. This is by far the most serious/political subject I believe holds my interest due…

Yoli Rodriguez-Yount