Compact design

Discover smart and creative compact design ideas to optimize your space. Make the most of every inch with these innovative solutions.
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The ‘50s were home to some of the most innovative pieces of design and technology for their time. Invented just before the boom era in 1946, microwaves have changed a great deal since their debut, and still, designers remain inspired by the microwave oven’s convenience and timelessness. Bringing his interpretation to the table, designer Keereem

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Winix Compact Dryer is a 4kg mini dryer. With its small size and light weight, it can be placed freely in any space. The wide circular door is minimal and aesthetic, with the display designed to look like an integral type. The display and touch buttons, separated at the top of the door, provide intuitive usability, and a simple UI and icon design makes it easy for anyone to check and operate. Also, It is a product that allows you to choose colors that suit your taste and space through…

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