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NEW SERIES SKINS SERIES-5 Our elite range. Engineered to maximise performance in both competition and training. SERIES-5 is the gold medal of high-performance Compression Sportswear. The sophisticated panelling wraps the muscles, limiting damage from muscle oscillation and assisting the acceleration of blood back to the heart. The result is a faster, fitter, higher-performing you. SHOP…

Tran Quang
Two athletes are sitting at a bench in the forest after going for a run. They are both wearing SKINS Compression and SKINS Activewear. They are sitting chatting and laughing away. Sports, Muscles, Athletics, Fitness, Exercises, Athletic, Performance, Compression, Exercise

WHY USE COMPRESSION? Whatever your (athletic) level wearing Compression during and after exercise can help you be the best athlete you can be. The gradient compression in SKINS specifically speeds up the rate at which blood is moved throughout the body, transferring more oxygen to the working muscles. The more oxygen your muscles get, the…

SKINS™ Compression
The photo is of an athlete just taking off on an athletics track. The male athlete is wearing all black SKINS, long sleeve top and long tights, which are super tight. He has a determined look on his face and is clearly putting a lot of power behind his take-off. Fitness, Sports, Running, Workout Gear, Men, Portrait Photography Men, Workout, Sportswear, Superstar

Look like a superhero, perform like a superstar with the SKINS™ Compression core collection—workout gear like no other. SKINS™ Compression Sportswear is engineered with targeted, graduated compression to help you perform better and recover faster. Some even say; SKINS aren't clothes; they're equipment. So forget 'clothes' and level up your workout wardrobe with equipment, and smash those PBs.

SKINS™ Compression