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Discover the essential computer parts and components you need to build your own PC. Upgrade your gaming setup or create a powerful workstation with top-quality hardware.
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Description This is my new creation, using a set of wiki-commons artwork and my own drawn artwork, I've created a guide for those who want to identify computer ports. This is for the systems administration class I'm teaching. Ports: S/PDIF HDMI VGA eSata DVI USB Firewire paralell serial ps/2 midi games port iec power sockets etc

English: Diagram of a computer hard disk drive

The man charged with hacking into the Office of the Director of Public Prose-cutions (ODPP) computers has been granted bail. Twenty-nine-year-old Phillpot Martin, who is charged under the Cybercrim…

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Common computer hardware components include the keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, Web cam, print, monitor, speakers, system unit, hard disk drive, external hard disk, optical disc drive(s), USB flash drive, card reader/writer, memory cards, and modem

If you use a desktop computer, you might already know that there isn't any single part called the "computer." A computer is really a system of many parts working together. The physical parts, which you can see and touch, are collectively called hardware. (Software, on the other hand, refers to the instructions, or programs, that tell the hardware what to do.) The illustration below shows the most common hardware in a desktop computer system. Your system may look a little different, but it…

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This product includes: 1. Editable Vector .AI file Compatibility: Adobe Illustrator CC Includes Editable Text Font SuezOne (Under Free Open Font License) 2. Editable Vector .EPS-10 file Compatibility: Most Vector Editing Software 3. High-resolution JPG image 4000 x 4400 px License terms in short: Use for everything except reselling item itself. Read a full license here

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