Congo bars

Indulge in the rich and chewy goodness of Congo Bars. Try out these mouthwatering recipes and satisfy your sweet tooth with a treat that will leave you craving for more.
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Indulge, in the world of baking with these Congo Bars, a recipe that combines simplicity and decadence. Each bar is a blend of flavors featuring room-temperature butter and luscious brown sugar with a caramel-like taste accompanied by the subtle sweetness of vanilla. The essence of these bars lies in the use of both semisweet and milk chocolate creating a delightful dual chocolate experience that melts in your mouth. Baked to perfection until golden these bars offer a contrast between their…

Dina Anne DiSalvo
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Welcome to a new week everyone, I hope that you had a great weekend. It feels like the summer is slowly winding down and the cooler days of fall are easing in. Boyfriend and I spent this weekend enjoying New York and paying some tribute to the people that lost their lives ten years ago. Saturday night we were headed home from the grocery store and noticed a bright spot on the clouds. After pondering for a moment we realized that the bright spot was caused by the Tribute in Light in Lower…

Kristin Carringer