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This kid though did a fantastic job. As it is, he certainly deserved that ovation that he got at the end. That was some mighty fine banjo pickin'. From @MadlyOdd "They Laughed When This 'Hillbilly' Walked On Stage, But Soon His Unique Skill Had Everyone Grinning" #music #singing #song #performance #video #country #banjo #countrymusic #bluegrass #talentshow #boy #overalls via @madlyoddcom Country Music, Country Music Singers, Country Music Videos, Dance Music, Electric, Country Music Quotes, Country Music Songs, Old Country Music Singers, Country Music Artists

Banjo Player Wins First Place In High School Talent Show With Unique Twist One of the staples of particular types of country music is the banjo. Once it starts playing, it’s hard to not want to stomp your foot up and down to the beat. A skilled player can use it almost like a drum

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