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Vaporeon V · Sword & Shield Promos #SWSH181 ‹ PkmnCards

Vaporeon V · 210 HP · {W} Pokémon (Vaporeon) › Basic : Evolves into Vaporeon VMAX · is: V, Rapid Strike {C} → Triple Draw Draw 3 cards. {W}{W}{C} → Splash Jump : 90 Switch this Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon. weak: {L}×2 […]

Tabatha Rich
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Mew VMAX · Fusion Strike (FST) #114 ‹ PkmnCards

Mew VMAX · 310 HP · {P} Pokémon (Mew) › VMAX : Evolves from Mew V · is: V, Dynamax, Fusion Strike {C}{C} → Cross Fusion Strike Choose 1 of your Benched Fusion Strike Pokémon’s attacks and use it as this attack. {P}{P} → Max […]

Adam Węgrzynowski

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