Cork ornaments

Add a touch of rustic charm to your holiday decor with these unique and creative cork ornaments. Discover the best ideas to make your Christmas tree stand out this year.

Calling all Christmas lovers and wine drinkers! Feeling crafty?? Lately I’ve been so stressed out finishing home remodeling projects, especially Ashley’s room, it’s been a TON of work. Over the weekend we actually made a lot of progress, but mentally I’m just over it. Sometimes you just need to have a glass of wine and...


I’m not a wine drinker. However it is really easy to get ahold of some recycled wine corks. I think I bought a bunch from the Goodwill. But if you have friends who drink wine, I’m sure they won’t mind supplying you. Plus I added a link at the bottom to get some recycled corks from Amazon. When I decided I wanted to make cork ornaments, I tried thinking of different ways to embellish them. Something that others would have handy too. So, I decided that washi tape would be a fu

Kelly Ploumen