Creative lamp shades

Elevate your lighting game with these creative lamp shade ideas that will add a unique touch to any room. Find the perfect shade to bring warmth and style to your space.
Try these 29 cool DIY lamp shades to match any room in your home. Upcycling, Diy Artwork, Lamp Shades, Diy, Diy Home Décor, Lampshade Makeover, Diy Lamp Shade, Lamp Makeover, Diy Home Decor

These DIY lampshades range from simple to complex, from vintage style to modern, and from quick to involved. 29 unique DIY projects! One of my favorite Pinterest boards is my Lamp Makeovers board, where I’ve been pinning unique DIYs for both lamp bases as well as lampshades. You can also read a post here for...Read More

Traditional Lampshade frame bound with cotton tape

Our third post in our Soft Shade Making Series is about laying the foundations for the lampshade ahead, namely binding your lampshade frame. To help you master this important skill, that's integral to holding your outer fabric and lining in place, we’ll take you step-by-step through how to bind your frame, what to consider and prepare, as well as the tools and materials you’ll need to start your soft shade making journey!

Carrie Caplinger
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