Creepy old houses

Step into the world of creepy old houses and discover the hauntingly beautiful architecture. Get inspired by the eerie charm and mysterious tales that these houses hold.
Northcraft House, Missouri ~ Photo by Rodney Harvey (note-this house IS haunted) World, Poems, City, Photo, City Photo, Text

In 1896 William and Eliza Northcraft owned this house. Before that William Young owned a log cabin here. "Bill" was hung in here from an overhead beam to a gate at his own home in 1879 by an angry lynch mob from Luray. He was aquitted of the crime of murdering the Spencer family with a ax in 1877. He was most likely innocent. Anywho...this is a place I'll come back to and get more photos. Several angles here with such an old ornate iron fence. Wonder how long it takes cedar trees to grow…

Sarah Townsend
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Most of us find architecture fascinating. The built environment around us reflects the history and culture of a place that can shape our experiences and perceptions of an area. However, not all the buildings stand the test of time and many are left to decay. For some, they become unwanted ghosts of the past; for others, they are objects of mystery and awe.

Georg Mrmi
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When we call a place home, instead of a house, we’re ascribing a sort of positive emotion to it. But on the flip side, a windowless, empty house can evoke melancholy, sad, and even spooky emotions as our brains wonder why the people left in the first place. Mortgage costs are boring, it must be ghosts.