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Ensure the best care for your furry friends with top critter sitters. Discover reliable and experienced sitters who will provide love and attention to your pets while you're away.
Critter Sitter / Shirt Tales by Hallmark.  I super loved these! Retro, Kawaii, Vintage, Hallmark, Sticker Paper, Vintage Toys, Cellophane, Wrappers, Sticker

Let's get this straight, girls of the 80's- The Shirt Tales used to be the Critter Sitters, and anyone who says it ain't so has me to deal with, capesh? These lovable, soft looking animals are what I adored in the second and third grade... Critter Sitters were puffy little characters that were so cute, it was impossible for us 1980's girls to not love them. They were on notebooks and folders and party supplies and what not. I believe they were from Hallmark.They became the Shirt Tales at one…

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Stickers were another great joy in my childhood. When I see a scratch n' sniff sticker, particularly the round ones, I still feel happy inside. I first got stickers in second grade or third grade if I did really well on a paper. I would try and peel them off and put them in my sticker book at home. These puffy ones with the googly eyes were cool to pull apart. There was padding in the middle. This is what scratch n sniff stickers looked like. They were normally food smells, but there were…

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VTG 70/80S HALLMARK Morgan Critter Sitters 9 Sticker Sheet Racoon Koala Bunny - $20.00 | PicClick Snoopy And Woodstock, Critter Sitters, Snoopy School, Teddy Bear, Peanuts Halloween, Critter, Peanuts Christmas, Koala Bear, Panda Bear

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