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Explore the intriguing world of crystal systems and learn about their unique properties. Discover stunning examples and gain a deeper understanding of these fascinating structures.
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Hexagonal Crystal Family This week we are combining two crystal systems into one post, the Hexagonal and Trigonal Systems. There is some confusion as to whether or not there are 6 or 7 different Crystal Systems. The confusion arises when Crystal Family is used interchangeable with Crystal System. There are 6 Crystal Families. They include, Cubic, Tetragonal, Hexagonal, Orthorhombic, Monoclinic and Triclinic. However, when referring to Crystal Systems, the Hexagonal Family is subdivided i

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Minerals have taken their place in the earth’s crust by becoming solid from an originally liquid or, sometimes, gaseous condition, either melted rock matter (magma) or dissolved in water or other solvents. When the change from a liquid to a solid has been slow enough and undisturbed, the minerals have grown as crystals, which are beautiful, smooth forms. Each mineral has its own distinct form; and it is therefore sometimes possible to distinguish minerals one from another by the shape of…

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