Custard buns

Indulge in the creamy goodness of custard buns with these mouthwatering recipes. Learn how to make these delectable treats at home and enjoy a delightful snack anytime.
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Sweet bun with vanilla custard in the middle. These are more like Norwegian cardamom-scented, vanilla custard-filled, coconut-dusted buns called Skoleboller, or “school buns” But not 100% like Skoleboller too. It is somewhere in between two recipes. I opted to tweak and turned it into what my kiddos would enjoy more. These buns are akin to sugar-dusted sweet buns that Bread Talk sells. What so ever would be the inspiration behind this bake, the end result is something to love and enjoy. I…

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Picture the atmosphere of the kitchen. While preparing these Stovetop Custard Cream Buns. A recipe that blends tradition with the comfort of homemade baking minus the need for an oven. Each bun, a delight brimming with velvety, custard narrates tales of simple joys and shared experiences. A moment to relish something handcrafted with affection. Whether its the satisfaction of witnessing their ascent on the stovetop. Or that initial bite into their texture. These buns assure a return. To the…

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