Custom bunk beds

Create a dream bedroom for your kids with our custom bunk beds. Explore a variety of unique and customizable designs to maximize space and inspire imagination.
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When our boys’ best friends (5 brothers!) asked for built-in bunk beds, how could we say no? Tom and I designed these built-in bunk beds together, Tom built them and then I finished them off with my favorite: styling. Always fun to collaborate on a project and even more fun when it’s for our friends

Sinthuja Sivaloganathan
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#PROJECTSTONEGATEI've been waiting for this moment since Liam (my 2nd) was born. That my boys would one day share a room with bunk beds! The room is quite large with a wall full of windows making it difficult to do standard bunk beds tucked into a corner. So we strategically came up with a layout that would not block off any natural light. The stairs by the windows helped create separation but there was still a blank wall by the closet. I wanted it to stay open and light so we created these

Daphne Vazquez
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Grandkids are not the only reason to have a bunkroom. Bunkrooms are about efficient use of space. For people who have kids sharing rooms, people with vacation homes, Airbnbs, and lots of friends that sleepover because they've had too much to drink, a bunkroom is a great idea. Visit the site for lots of bunkroom inspiration.

Ann Pool
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Built-in bunk beds are the ultimate mix of fun and functionality for any guest coming over. Some people thought we were crazy for taking on such a huge project, but we knew it would turn out great. Check out our post to read all about how we did it!

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