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Friendship is one of the most beautiful things in life. Everybody deserves and even needs a friend. Especially if that friend is like Blobby the Blob Fish, who, as one of the creators has put it, is "the magical best friend you always wished you had".

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When it comes to reading comics, a lot of people adore the medium and all the bizarre, comic-related stuff that artists can accomplish with it. Most people tend to like how panels can be used and ordered to create varied moods, reading paces, and transmit varying quantities of information to the person reading, not to mention how the space between the panels may also tell the reader quite a few different things regarding the story. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes…

Sydney Seeber
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We’re delighted to present the latest selection of cute yet witty comics by the Colombian artist, Andrés J. Colmenares. Some of you may recall the previous features of this artist on Bored Panda. However, today, we felt it was finally time to share more 'Wawawiwa Comics' with you. Why, you ask? Well, the weekend is almost here, so it’s a good time to tune into a positive mood, and with the strips from this artist, that's guaranteed. You’ll undoubtedly feel so much better right away.

Christin Pounds

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