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Explore a collection of cute polymer clay creations and get inspired to create your own unique crafts. Discover top ideas for making adorable jewelry, figurines, and more.
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-listing is for one (1) charm. -Each charm will be glazed for shine and durability. Charm in pictures may not be glazed. If you prefer to not have a glaze on your charm please add note when purchasing. Packaging: Each charm is individually bubble wrapped inside a small reusable drawstring bag. It will also be delivered in a bubble mailer for extra protection. Feel free to message me with any special requests or questions! Thank you❤️ Kelsey TheLittlestCharmCo

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Personalized portrait of your pet- small ceramic sculpture! My cute ceramic dogs and cats are my teensy-weensy discovery. The figurine is of a compact size and simple egg-like shape, inside, there are ceramic peas that give off magical rattling sounds when you shake the toy. The sound is exclusive for every one of them! Simple shape and compact size play the leading role in my idea. The Figurine won’t take much space in your bag, and you can always bring it with you when you’re away on a…

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Isn't polymer clay the coolest? The bright colors, the squishiness, oh the possibilities. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows if you don't know these hacks, tips and tricks to using polymer clay. This post contains affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if you

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So far I’ve written 19 different jewelry projects. As my 20th tutorial, I thought it would be a good idea to summarize for you many of the polymer clay flowers and plants I introduced before. Consider this as a polymer clay flower crush course! The […]n

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