Cyberpunk room

Transform your space into a futuristic cyberpunk room with these edgy ideas. Explore unique decor and lighting options to create an immersive and captivating environment that will transport you to a dystopian future.

I've previously done a project of the same theme and style which you can check out by clicking on this link: Cyberpunk Bedroom with a View. Since the new Midjourney version is out, I've wanted to give it another go so as to see if there are any big differences.

Austin Hollingsworth
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This is my first attemp for a room visualization. It's not the best, but overall I'm really happy with outcome. Especially with lights and atmosphere. my main inspiration for this was Adrian Marc's artwork- Modeling was in 3ds max but texturing, lighting and rendering in Maya Pillows and duvet was created with Marvelous Designer 2D images that I used: HUD by Dogan Karakus view from the window i find in…