Dairy farms

Experience the beauty and authenticity of dairy farms. Learn about the daily routines, milking processes, and the hard work that goes into producing fresh and delicious dairy products. Explore the world of dairy farming and get a taste of the farm life today!
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Just since the start of the year, nearly 60 dairy farms in Indiana have shut down, and they are not the first. This is a trend that has been happening across the country, with over 52 dairy farms in New York losing their wholesale contract this year, and a number of long-standing (over a hundred years old) dairy farms and plants shutting down due to lack of sales.

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Arethusa Farm is home to over 300 of the world's finest purebred dairy cows. But it doesn't stop there. In 2012 Arethusa Farm Dairy opened in Bantam, Connecticut. This complete dairy processing plant produces awarding winning milk, cheese, ice cream, butter and so much more. To take it to the next level Arethusa al tavolo was opened just next door. al tavolo is an award winning restaurant and rated "Top 100 in America" by OpenTable for two years in a row. Across the street Arethusa a…

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