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Get ready to bust a move with these captivating dance video songs. Find the perfect beats to get you grooving and show off your dance skills.
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Amidst the hundreds of dance videos that can be found on YouTube, one particular clip keeps viewers coming back year after year. What started out as a simple attic dance routine has turned this man into a worldwide sensation, and we can see why after catching a glimpse of his flowing moves. Sven Otten, also

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Everyone can agree on how much of a heartthrob Brad Pitt is, especially in light of his hit movies. Still, a new kind of Brad Pitt video is taking the internet by storm. A video from Pitt’s college days at the University of Missouri back in 1983 has surfaced. It features the famous actor playing

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Over the last two years, the video-sharing app TikTok has become one of the most popular platforms. This is mainly because of the dancing challenges people are often doing. Blinding Lights by The Weekend is a popular song that has encouraged a dancing challenge of its own. One of the most popular videos is one

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At first glance, Brett Nichols, a teenager from Turlock, California, might not strike you as a dancer. His introverted demeanor often hides his true potential. But as they say, one should never judge a book by its cover. At his high school's talent show, Brett, known for his quiet nature and small circle of friends,