Darla costume finding nemo

Get ready to recreate Darla's iconic look from Finding Nemo with these creative costume ideas. Stand out at your next costume party and bring the character to life with these fun and unique outfit ideas.
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I love Halloween and I enjoy making my own costumes each year. I thought it would be fun to be Darla from Finding Nemo and have my boys be Nemo and Crush. I thought I would share how I put together Darla’s costume and where I bought everything. This was by far the easiest costume...

Michelle Melfi
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Darla Sherman, or just Darla, is an antagonist in the Disney and Pixar animated film Finding Nemo. She is not your typical villain since she is an 8-year-old girl. But Darla is one of the villains in the movie because of her bratty, irresponsible, and hyperactive behavior. She always ends up killing her pet fish. Gil and the other fishes inside the fish tank of Philip Sherman call her the Fish Killer. Darla once had a fish named Chuckles that she killed after shaking the bag he was in…

Rudi Rojas