Detroit history

Uncover the fascinating history of Detroit and its impact on American culture. Discover the iconic landmarks, influential figures, and significant events that have shaped this vibrant city.
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Walking casually past many of the buildings and sites in Detroit, you’d never know they hold a violent past. However, many of the city’s iconic landmarks and attractions have had their own brush with organized crime. The Mafia and its rivals, notably the Purple Gang, had their favorite haunts and places where they committed terrible […]

Gerald Peoples
1920s - Ford Motor Company in Highland Park Front view of the Ford plant. Vintage, Michigan, Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor, Ford, Detroit Cars, Detroit Motors, Autos, Auto

The 20th century was an exciting time in Detroit and these vintage photos of factories prove it. From automobiles to jets, the Motor City was home to great titans of industry and the hard-working people who got things built. Take a look back at these 13 nostalgic images that prove Detroit definitely hustles harder.

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