Dinosaur history

Uncover the mysteries of the prehistoric world with our comprehensive guide to dinosaur history. Learn about their origins, evolution, and the incredible creatures that once roamed the Earth.
What are the periods of life on earth broken into? | Socratic Biology, History, Earth Science, History Of Earth, Extinction, Science, 10 Interesting Facts, History Facts, Geology

Earliest cellular life on earth evolved about 3.5 billion years ago during precambrian time from protobionts/coacervates. Life then amazingly diversified through natural selection till recently. **Geological history of earth is studied by dividing it in eons, then further dividing eons in eras, era in periods, period in epochs. Life appeared in Archaeozoic eon. Multicellular life appeared during Proterozoic eon. Currently it is Phanerozoic eon, that started about 540 million years ago. The…

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