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Explore the enchanting world of Disney Animators Collection, where beloved characters from your favorite childhood movies are brought to life. Discover a wide range of collectibles and toys that will ignite your imagination and bring back nostalgic memories.
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DAC Deluxe Figure Playset in front of the DAC 15-piece Mini Doll Set. I bought the mini doll set from Disneyland late last year. The mini figures are deboxed, and placed next to their corresponding mini dolls, who are still attached to the backing. Detailed photos of the recently released DAC Deluxe Figure Playset. My store just got them in today (July 11, 2016), and I bought one. They are very well done, are made of solid vinyl, and are accurate miniature versions of the Animators'…

Sharon Kurzfeld
2022 DISNEY Animators Checklist- Generations/Releases Disney, Dolls, Princess Dolls, Disney Princess Dolls, Disney Dolls, Disney Toddler, Doll Clothes, Disney Animators Collection, Princess Toys

MADE BY xoxo.shelllllls - This is the Animators list plus the Disney toddler dolls. (Merida, Moana, Anna & Elsa) toddler dolls are usually the first animators doll before it’s even considered an animators they are released as official movie dolls first. This list doesn’t include Villians, special editions or gift/deluxe sets. If you’d like an updated list with all of those let me know and I’ll make it. Also can add what each generation boxes look like. How to tell gen by box: 1 has little…