Disney princess memes

Get ready to laugh with these hilarious Disney Princess memes. Discover the funniest and most relatable memes that perfectly capture the magic of these iconic characters.
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For most of us, Disney was a great part of our childhood as we grew up watching their beautifully-made stories. When we were younger, we would take their movies too seriously — but once we become adults, we start having fun with, and making fun of, Disney movies! There’s absolutely no shame in admitting that […]

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The moment the CEOs of some tech companies and chief editors of some magazines realized that rage and misery drew traffic was a dark day for the internet. Let’s face it, scrolling your feed is rarely fun or uplifting anymore so it’s always good to know that there are still enclaves of positive vibes out there.

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Andhika Muksin is a huge Disney fan. He has been photoshopping Pocahontas, Ariel, and other princesses into celebrity photos for quite some time, but he has more tricks up his sleeve as well. One of them is bringing these beloved characters down to earth. We've already showed you a collection of portraits where Muksin strips away the glam surrounding these gals and portrays them in a more 'realistic' way, but the series is so good, we couldn't resist presenting his newest work. From getting…

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We've all seen at least a couple of Disney movies throughout our lifetime, and we have to admit that no matter what age you are, they still manage to entertain you. But what happens when the Internet gets his hands on these innocent movies? From Elsa's frozen bank account to every single Disney villain calling everyone a fool, the Internet shows the hilarious side of your favorite films from the House of Mouse.

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