Divine timing

Discover the magic of divine timing and how it can transform your life. Explore ways to trust the universe's timing and unlock your true potential.
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If you read these self improvement books it is my promise to you that you will become a superhuman. Someone who is totally unfuckwithable and in control of their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Someone who can turn their thoughts into things. Someone who is aligned with their truest self.

Marie Angélina
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As a human being, we have been gifted this double-sided sword of free choice. We can decide in every moment how to react, what to do, what to say, where to go. On the shamanic path, we learn to walk with one foot in the middle world (the world of the living) and one foot in the spirit world. Only with the wisdom from both worlds can we inform our lives of the best choices to make. On one side the world of spirit. The world of surrender. On the other side, the incarnated world, the dual…