Diy broom closet small spaces

Maximize your storage space with these creative DIY broom closet ideas designed specifically for small spaces. Find inspiration and make the most of your limited storage area.
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Our cleaning supplies were just leaning up against the wall in the laundry room that is right in between our garage and our kitchen and they didn't really have a place. I decided to build a cabinet specifically for the broom, mop, duster and cleaning chemicals. It was a super easy and fast DIY and now all that unsightly stuff is behind a closed door.

Lorie Vogels

Nothing is more obscene in a kitchen than seeing all the dirty cleaning tools. Except maybe the dirt. And poop. Trust me. Poop is way more obscene. I should know. I have a new puppy and two kids in diapers. My whole world revolves around poop. WHO AM I BECOMING AND WHY ARE WE TALKING ... Read More about Where the heck do Brooms go?! A DIY broom closet build!

Jessica Lubic