Diy hand washing station

Learn how to make a convenient and hygienic hand washing station at home. Follow these simple steps to ensure proper hand hygiene and protect yourself and your loved ones.
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At off-site catering events, fairs and other venues where running water is not readily accessible, health inspectors take a closer look at hand washing as it is an important,yet often overlooked part of your operation. Being able to wash your hands with soap under warm running water is no longer a point to squirm about when you have Cambro’s handwash accessory. Simply strap it onto your existing Camtainer to set up an instant handwash station!

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Lots of people have commented and asked us about this, so I thought I would explain what we did here. One of our vendors, Terri from Ramblin' Rose, came out to the farm to have a look around a few weeks before the sale, and brought her friend, Bobbi, out with her. We were discussing port-a-potties and the like, and smart Bobbi (an event planner!) suggested that instead of renting a hand washing spot, we make our own, using empty detergent bottles, as many people do when they camp. So, we…

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Easy-Build Handwashing Station, With Videos: Without running water, how can you wash your hands? Without running water, how will your neighbors, your whole community, wash their hands? If they can't wash their hands — they're bound to get sick, and spread disease. We all need a way to wash our…

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How to Build a Portable Hand Washing Station: This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to construct a portable handwashing station using recycled materials and commonly-available hardware. Cost of materials is less than $10 (US); time to construct is approximately four hours, using ordinary han…

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