DIY resin keychain

Unlock your creativity with these unique DIY resin keychain ideas. Personalize your keys and make a statement with these fun and easy-to-make projects.

HOW TO MAKE RESIN KEYCHAINS? Hello, Everyone!! Here's another video of Epoxy Resin craft project, where I am casting resin in my homemade round molds and turning them into keychains. I have used holographic letters to make some words and place them into the pieces. Simple, fun and easy to do resin craft idea for beginners. Please follow necessary SAFETY MEASURES while working with resin. Work in WELL-VENTILATED or OPEN areas. Don't forget to wear GLOVES and GAS MASK!! #diy #resin #epoxyresin

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In this tutorial, we'll show you how to seal vinyl on a piece of acrylic using UV resin. It's actually easier than you think! Prep your piece of acrylic by rubbing it down with a paper towel and isopropyl alcohol. Next, transfer your vinyl monogram onto the acrylic. Make sure to burnish the vinyl down really, really well! You can find the monogram font used on this acrylic keychain in the Ultimate Crafter's Font Bundle. Place your acrylic on a silicone mat to protect your work surface. If…

Christy Smith